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by Ben - posted Friday, September 16th, 2011

On opening day, The Boston Herald’s front page showed a full page picture of the Red Sox and it said “BEST TEAM EVER”. Hmmm, we are beginning to think that something has gone wrong.

So while many experts were concerned going into the season that the Red Sox lineup while lethal was too left handed, evidently Theo was not aware of these concerns. Not only did he go into the season with only the likes of Mike Cameron and Darnell McDonald as the teams sole right handed options off the bench but he clearly didn’t feel that there was any need to stock the minors with a few right handed hitters with some former major league experience just in case.

Therefore when he failed to pick up a substantial right handed bat to help this team at the trade deadline it became even more painfully obvious that he also had no help coming from within the organization. Not only was the current roster too left handed but the Red Sox only two outfield prospects who were close to being ready for the Majors also happen to be left handed hitters in Ryan Kalish and Josh Reddick. Sounds like real good strategic planning to us.

Even worse is that the Red Sox did not have one pitching prospect within the organization that was ready to come up and help the team this season as it faced a rash of injuries. The Red Sox are consistently in the top three every year when it comes to spending money on draft picks so where are all the prospects considering all the money that has been spent?

Please don’t tell us that the Sox traded all of those prospects to San Diego for Gonzales because there should still be plenty more from where that came from. Somehow the Yankees find a way to develop and bring up rookies whom end up producing for them and it would be nice if the Sox could do the same by coming up with a better alternative than Kyle Weiland.

Maybe it is time to look at free agent to be Brian Cashman??

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by Ben - posted Thursday, August 4th, 2011

During the first half of the season, there was a lot of talk about how disappointing Carl Crawford’s start had been after signing his huge free agent deal with the Red Sox. At that time, I think that most fans assumed that he would start to pick things up.

As we make it through the first week of August, the reality is that his performance is not improving. After last nights game he is hitting an embarrassing 245 with only 7 home runs and 37 RBI’s and a scary on base percentage of only .279. The Sox have hid him either in the sixth or seventh spot in the batting order but nothing has helped. To put things in perspective, first year catcher Jarrod Saltalamaccia whom came here from Texas with very little expectations is hitting almost 20 points higher than Crawford, has hit 3 more home runs and has an on base percentage 50 points higher all this while having to catch every day.

While it is nice that Red Sox fans have been patient, his continued poor performance has become very concerning. As fans we watch how David Ortiz has adjusted his swing with help from Adrian Gonzalez yet Crawford seems to have made no adjustments and at times almost seems helpless at the plate. Is he too proud to spend a little one on one time in the cage with his fellow teammate who happens to have the best left handed swing in all of baseball?

Throughout the season, different players from within the lineup have gotten hot and have been able to carry the team for a period of time except for Crawford. Now that offensive production from right field has slowed with Josh Reddick coming back down to earth after his very hot start, the Sox could be in big trouble if Crawford continues to be a black hole in the lineup night in and night out.

Whether Carl needs to see an eye doctor, adjust his swing or sit on the bench for a while, the Sox need to try to do something to get him going again or it could be a very disappointing end of the season for the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

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by Ben - posted Monday, July 18th, 2011

As the end of the NFL lookout nears, it is hard to imagine whether or not the NBA season can be saved as well.

We have already seen players commit to play overseas next season if the lockout continues such as the contract signed by Derron Williams and there doesn’t seem to be any negotiations going on between the two parties at this time.

The question to me is will the fans even care if they play basketball or not? With the NFL looking like they will play a whole season and the NHL season going on as planned, it is possible that basketball fans might be happy just watching all of the above while occasionally watching college basketball for its Basketball fix.

Think someone should tell the owners and players that if they loose any part of the season, they might loose fans that never come back? The playoff finals TV ratings were down and I think the majority of fans that actually watched did so not because they wanted to see basketball but because they wanted to see LeBron loose. It seems to us that this is one sport that shouldn’t risk alienating its fan base.

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by Ben - posted Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Still upset about the demise of our Boston Celtics? Well fret no more Boston fans because for the first time since 1972 our Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champions again!

What a terrific comeback for Boston as not only did the team totally outclass the Vancouver Canucks but after watching the post game tonight the Boston fans have also totally out classed the Vancouver fans as their behavior has been absolutely shocking.

It is amazing how a team can take on the identity of its fans. The Bruins fans have been both loyal and hungry and the Bruins clearly wanted to win it for them. Vancouver played a cheap brand of hockey and took every short cut that they could clearly proving that they were not willing to pay the price for their fans.

So thank you to the Boston Bruins players, coaches and management for an amazing season and for bringing another world championship to our world class city.

Hear we go Bruins here we go!

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by Ben - posted Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


With the series tied 3-3 and game 7 coming up tonight in Vancouver, I keep trying to convince myself that the Bruins have one more big game in them this season and that they will bring the cup back to Boston.

It seems as if the Bruins have done things the difficult way throughout the playoffs such as having a horrible power play and loosing their first two games at home in the Montreal series and yet they continue to bounce back.

I do think that the Canucks have helped the Bruins by continually doing things to give the Bruins extra motivation whether it be by biting, illegal hits, taunting or making stupid comments to the media, all this has done is to help fuel the Bruins fire and hopefully that will be enough to help them leave Canada with the cup in hand.

It would not surprise me to see either Tyler Seguin or Patrice Bergeron have a big game 7. Patrice is overdue in the playoffs and Tyler has just been itching for more minutes all the while showing us flashes of just how bright his future will be. The Canucks won’t lie down for game 7 so I hope the Bruins are ready for the challenge.

So good luck to the Bruins tonight and let’s have a parade!!!

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by Ben - posted Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Ben feels that it is all over for the Celtics however I am not convinced of that. After the first game of the series, I told Ben to relax because the Celtics would bounce back and win game 2 before heading back to Boston.

Unfortunately that did not happen as the Celtics did not look good especially in the fourth quarter and once again the Celts Big 3 were way outplayed by the Heats Big 3. While KG played well, they did not great a great night from Paul Pierce and Ray Allen was almost invisible. It seems impossible that Ray could have only taken 7 shots the entire game.

While most Celtics fans have a soft spot for Big Baby, he is not the one that we want to be the go to guy offensively in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line. I want Ray, Paul and KG taking those shots.

That being said, I still have not given up hope. I am disappointed that Shaq was not able to get himself back in the lineup to help but I still think the Celtics are going to find a way to turn this around and scratch and claw their way past Miami and into the next round. Ben thinks the Celtics simply are finished.

Let’s hope the Celtics get some life back in them for Game 3 at the Garden and then go on to sweep the rest of the series. As much as I want LeBron and DWade to loose, I really want to be able to tell Ben “I told you so!”

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by Ben - posted Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Game 7 of the Bruins – Canadiens series was amazing full of many exciting lead changes with lots of big hits, saves and goals.

I am really pleased with the performance of Tim Thomas who is really looking like a true Vezina award winner. Nathan Horton came up huge with two game winning overtime goals and Chris Kelly seems to be getting more and more comfortable with the Bruins system with each game that he plays.

Now it is time to face the Flyers in the next round and hopefully get some revenge for last years embarrassing collapse. While they are a strong skating team, they are very weak in the nets and that should prove to be the difference in this series. Brian Boucher is no Tim Thomas.

My Dad is still not a believer and thinks the Bruins were lucky to advance against a mediocre Montreal team so hopefully the B’s will prove him wrong!

Let’s go Bruins!

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Yeah Celtics!!!!!!!!

by Ben - posted Sunday, April 24th, 2011

What a great way for the Celtics to start the 2011 playoffs by sweeping the New York Knicks in four straight games after a dominating victory in game 4 in New York. My only question is what can poor Spike Lee possibly do to keep himself busy for the next few months until the Knicks season starts up again? One thing for sure is I hope he doesn’t decide to actually make another movie!

The Celtics played some great defense in the last two games and now get a chance to have a breather until Miami closes it out against Philadelphia probably in game 5. It would have been nice to see Shaq play a few minutes in this series in order to get rid of some of the rust before playing Miami however that was clearly not in the cards.

Hopefully Doc can use the next few days of practice to see if he can get the bench to develop some more confidence so that they can contribute more as the playoffs move forward. That would really help them. It was nice to see Big Baby play a good game today coming off the bench!

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by Ben - posted Thursday, April 21st, 2011

What an exciting game 4 tonight between our Bruins and the Canadiens in Montreal. The Bruins showed a lot of character the way they fought back multiple times including overcoming a two goal deficit at 3-1 to win in overtime on a Michael Ryder goal.

The game was action packed, physical and fast. Everything you could ask for in a playoff hockey game. After loosing the first two games in Boston, I have to admit that I had lost all faith in their ability to win the series. Now that they have come back a won two straight in Montreal, I feel more confident in their chances to win out the series in six games. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they actually could win three straight road playoff games from the Canadiens.

Maybe the Canadiens fans should worry less about Chara and more about their own team hanging on???

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by Ben - posted Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Isn’t it about time that the Red Sox do the right thing and designate Dice K to Pawtucket in the hope that he can finally figure out that he actually needs to work hard in order to have a career in the major leagues?

Last night had to be one of the biggest starts of his career. The Sox were struggling but had just come off a great pitching performance and win by Josh Beckett over the Yankees and everyone knew that he had to follow suit in order for this team to finally gain some momentum.

Instead he gave us one of his worst pitching performances ever which seem almost impossible to do considering how badly he has pitched so many different times throughout his entire career in Boston. In addition to trying to help the team gain some badly needed momentum, he also had something to prove to himself after he was rocked in his first start in Cleveland against a weak Indians team.

His answer to all of this was two innings pitched, 8 hits allowed, two home runs and seven earned runs and the game was over before the second inning was completed.

If the Red Sox are concerned that if they treat Dice K a certain way that other Japanese born players will have second thought about coming to Boston then too bad. Right now our priority has to be to win and Dice K has not even cared enough about that to even bother to adapt to team pitching philosophies.

I say take Red Sox fans out of our misery and move him down to AAA and keep him there until he reaches very specific goals that should be set for him such as improving his ability to throw strikes but move the ball around the plate, finish off hitters that have two strikes on them, cut back on walks and the number of pitches thrown and learn how to communicate with teammates better.

In the meantime I would be willing to take my chances with Felix Doubrant as our fifth starter. I am guessing that at a minimum his ERA would be better than Dice K’s unbelievable 12.86 ERA.

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