Jan 10 '13


With just a little over a month to go before pitchers and catchers report to spring training, there is still one major question that stands out with regard to the 2013 Boston Red Sox and that is……who will play first base?

It seems very odd to Ben and me that the Red sox could be so close to starting the season without having an established first baseman under contract.

While they have obviously been negotiating with Mike Napoli, there clearly is an injury situation that is causing this delay in signing him and let’s not forget that Mike Napoli is hardly an experienced first baseman since has played behind the plate for the majority of his career.

Not only is it really important to have a strong defensive first baseman but you also need to get some power numbers offensively out of that position. Wouldn’t you think that the Red Sox would have established some sort of drop dead date for these negotiations that would have expired by now? Since the Nationals this past week decided to resign Adam LA Roche, there doesn’t seem to be any exciting choices left in free agency except for Napoli.

Is it possible the Red Sox are trying to swing a trade with Minnesota to then convert Joe Mauer into their cornerstone first baseman for years to come? If the answer is yes than I am all for it. If the answer is no, then the Sox better move fast to secure an impact first baseman before this upcoming 2013 season becomes as disappointing as the prior two.

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