Sep 4 '12


After suffering through a disasterous and never ending 2012 Boston Red Sox baseball season, we cant wait for the Patriots to open up their regular season ths coming weekend.

If the Pats can remain relatively healthy this year, then we see no reason for us not to expect another return trip to the Super Bowl and if Tom Brady wants to cement his legend as THE greatest quarterback to ever play the game, then he needs to get his fourth champonship to equal Terry Bradshaw. At 35 years of age, now would be a really good time for Tom to get that win so that he has a few shots remaining to beat that mark with a fifth win.

This year, the Patriots look to be younger, faster and better defensively. Now if they can only convince Brian Waters to come back to solidify the offensive line and to protect Tom Brady, then sit back and enjoy the run. Hopefully they will help us to forget the horrow show that was this Red Sox Season.

“Its another New England First Down”

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