Apr 23 '12


What a terrific second half of the season for the Celtics so far as the get ready to play their final two games of the regular season this week.

Not only where the Celtics able to come back and clinch the Atlantic Division but they were also able to do it while resting their Big 4 quite a bit as the season winds down. Now if they go into the playoffs with Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Mickael Pietrus relatively healthy then they just might have the pieces that they need to make one more successful championship run.

The emergence of Avery Bradley as the shooting guard now allows the Celtics to bring Ray Ray off the bench to supply serious offensive punch to the second unit. With Kevin Garnett playing like he was when he was 25 years old and Paul Pierce now playing his best basketball of the season, the Celtics really do look like they are ready to compete against both the Bulls and the Heat.

Wouldn’t it be great to have one more championship parade for this group!

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